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Mindshadow Entertainment is a multimedia development and production company in the principle business of producing, publishing, and distributing original media content (i.e.,comic books, animated series, feature films). Founded in 1999, Mindshadow Entertainment remains dedicated to creating diverse projects that are inclusive of all ethnic groups.


Mindshadow Entertainment is dedicated to its primary goal of creating diverse projects with multi-ethnic casts. Mindshadow's targeted effort is to write and/or seek, find, option, develop, and produce quality stories for "Movie of the Week,” television and feature motion picture production.


It is Mindshadow's continuing goal to work with directors, actors and recording artists (R&B/pop/Top 40/some hip-hop) of various backgrounds in an effort to create well-rounded/non-stereotypical media projects for the competitive global entertainment market.


The Mindshadow Media Mandate: Mindshadow’s “Date With Diversity”


Headquartered in Ottawa, Mindshadow is a company “committed to diversity.” That is, creating commercially viable entertainment projects in the science fiction/fantasy genre; specifically for under-served ethnic/gender consumer demos for theatrical release and (eventual) household consumption.


Mindshadow’s products are filling a need for diversity in entertainment product for today’s audience. Currently, there is a genuine demand for diverse characters and storylines. Our products are made for ethnically and gender diverse audiences worldwide and they are created by ethnically and gender diverse people.


Mindshadow & Gender Equality: Towards The Future


Victor Hugo once remarked “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”

This being the case, what about an idea whose time is deserved and long overdue?

Such would appear to be the case with Gender Equality. Women make up more than half the world population.  And as consumers, it is estimated that women will have a spending power of over $18 Trillion Dollars by 2018. Yet, in the 21st Century, women still experience disparities in (take home) wages/income and organizational representation (READ: Glass Ceiling), among others.

Since 2000, Mindshadow Entertainment has implemented a "No-Nudes" policy. More specifically, developing and producing works that are non-exploitative of women. At the very least, it equals Mindshadow's underlined commitment to not producing any projects that are exploitative, demeaning or degrading towards women, but instead empowers them.

In 2016, Mindshadow has come to the conclusion that an internal non-exploitative policy was simply not enough. Mindshadow is partnering with the Make It Fair Project, where you can find out about here:

Twitter: @TMIFP

Watch the video that is making headlines all over the world, The Make It Fair Project for Gender Equality.